Naturally, the first stage of Terra Project took place in the ocean. As an indispensable medium for the existence of life on the planet, the seas and oceans surrounding our lands must be the priority when establishing any action that involves the care and conservation of our environment.

From paddle surfing to kayaking, snorkeling, swimming in the open sea or scuba diving, all the Outdoor Activities and Ocean Talks in this first phase of the project were focused on learning about, deepening and strengthening the link with the marine environment and being part of the change. 


During the first phase of Terra Project, in addition to enjoying the ocean and learning more about its importance in each one of the outdoor activities, we committed ourselves to its care by collecting garbage and waste.  

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Coastal cleanup by kayak

The first Terra Project outdoor activity consisted of a guided kayak tour with Ocean52 ambassador and expert kayaker Rai Puig. A tour along the coast of Barcelona sharing knowledge and collecting waste, perfect to kick off the project.

Sailing Trip

On this occasion, Olympic sailor Alfredo Vázquez guided us on a day of sailing along the Barcelona coastline, learning and collecting any debris that stained the oceanic beauty.

Paddle surfing among plastics

With the only help of their paddle surfboards, participants and organization were responsible for cleaning up all the waste and debris found both on the surface of the water and in the pier area. A 100% sustainable initiative to deepen the need to take care of our environment.

Diving into the depths

After a cleanup along La Barceloneta beach and its surroundings, we dive into the Mediterranean Sea coast to continue our work and discover the secrets of the waters surrounding our cities. A complete diving experience to strengthen ties with the sea and reflect on its importance.

Snorkeling in La Barceloneta

For our fifth outdoor experience we went into the shallowest waters of La Barceloneta beach with a professional surfer and Ocean52 ambassador, Kepa Acero. There we discover what we see at first glance of one of the busiest beaches in Europe.

Wild kayak tour

This time we moved away from the urban coast to enjoy a day of wild kayaking with Rai Pug in Llançà, 15 km south of the French coast. An incredible day of coastal geology in which we also had time to stop and pick up waste in the hills behind the port of Sant Joan.  

Eco-swimming in the open sea

On the last day of summer 2021, Terra Project booth at the Club Natació de Barcelona was the meeting point for a group of young people who came to enjoy an afternoon of swimming with the triple open water champion and Ocean52 ambassador Míquel Sunyer.

Posidonia workshop in Formentera

To finish the last outdoor experience of the first phase of Terra Project, we invited a very special group of participants formed by regulars and lovers of FOOTDISTRICT and Nike ACG to know in situ the ecological importance of the posidonia meadows that surround the coast in Vellmarí, Formentera.

How to prepare for challenges that have a positive impact on the planet
Antonio de la Rosa, ambassador of ocean52, is the only one in the world to row alone on his paddle “Ocean Defender” from San Francisco to Hawaii (76 days and 4.750 kilometers!), among many other feats. Stay tuned for his new Tri Winter Challenge. His background shows that, with passion, everything is possible. And it is precisely passion what he feels for the ocean. With him, we will learn to prepare challenges and to ensure that they have a positive impact on the planet.

Marine Deserts
2 de cada 3 respiraciones se las debemos al océano ¿qué haremos si el océano deja de producir este oxígeno que tanto necesita nuestro planeta? Por desgracia, los fondos marinos están cada vez más secos, lo que impacta en todo el ecosistema. ¡No podemos permitir que cada vez haya más “desiertos marinos”! Conocer proyectos tan bonitos como Hidden Deserts seguro que transforma a más de uno. Las imágenes que consiguen captar con sus drones son preciosas a la vez que espeluznantes.
Ebro Delta and the Trabucador bar: how climate change affects our most direct environment
The Ebro Delta is one of the most important wetlands in Europe and the third largest in the Mediterranean sea. With an area of ​​320Km2 where human activities coexist with protected habitats and more than 300 species of birds, the Ebro Delta faces its greatest threat: regression.

Beach waste recovery project and support to local communities: Yeringo
Together with surfer and explorer Kepa Acero, we will discover the brutality of venturing into nature and the communities that surround it. In his travels in search of perfect waves, Acero has not always found waves, but he has found incredible people who, despite having difficult conditions or a humble lifestyle, have welcomed him with open arms. Kepa wants to help these communities and allow them to live in a more connected and responsible way to the incredible ocean that surrounds them. He will tell us about his solidarity project Yeringo, and we will be able to enjoy the documentary ‘It’s not only about waves’.
Sustainable travel and expeditions
Rai Puig is a professional kayaker and Physical Education teacher. He has kayaked almost all over the world, accomplishing feats such as sailing alone from Canada to Alaska (95 days / 2000km), expedition recorded on his documentary ‘Paddling to Alaska’. His adventure in Papaúa is also told in the documentary ‘Only in Papúa’. With Terra Project, he will also share his experiences of traveling and practicing sport in a sustainable way and his latest challenge recorded in “Kayak no limits” in which guiding a blind kayaker, they were able to circle Menorca. Rai relates to nature in a natural authentic way. Hearing how he talks about it is a pleasure.
Overcoming in the ocean
Miquel Sunyer is the creator of the “eco-swimming” concept and Vías Bravas, swimming channels on the coast of Catalonia designed not only to enjoy open water swimming, but also to protect these marine areas and their ecosystems from fishing and boats. As he tells in his book ‘48 strokes’, his story is one of constant improvement and challenge. He is one of the few that have been able to swim the most relevant crossings at an international level such as the Triple Crown (which means harsh conditions, nights and freezing waters) and he knows well how necessary it is to protect the coasts in order to continue enjoying the sport that most connects him with nature, the sport that gives meaning to his life.
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